Smart Buildings

Connectivity solutions for utility and environmental monitoring, access control, lighting and more.

Today’s buildings are replete with sensors to handle tasks such as water leak detection, temperature monitoring and control, access control and keycard monitoring, open/close sensors, motion detectors, light sensors, and more. These devices generally can communicate, either standalone or through local controllers, over standard data networks, however, for security, reliability and performance, Connected IO can provide you a parallel network exclusively for your Smart Building.

By providing an overlay network, Connected IO can assure that your critical building systems can run privately, securely, and without impacting the enterprise network. And in the event of a failure of that enterprise network, critical traffic can be configured to run over the Connected IO network, assuring the availability of critical services during power outages or other critical events. By routing traffic over public, private, or cellular networks, either serially or in parallel, Connected IO gives you the ultimate flexibility to manage your networks, guarantee uptime, and the peace-of-mind of knowing you’ve maximized your contingencies.

Use Cases:

  • Provide WiFi Access
  • Interconnecting campus buildings
  • Add’s moves, and changes

Ideal for:

  • Apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Condominium Associations
  • Datacenters
  • Hotels
  • Motorhomes and yachts
  • Residential properties
  • Retail stores
  • Schools and churches
  • Storage facilities and rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Energy Management, Tenant Services