Connected IO, Inc. Announces Low-Cost M2M Devices

Connected IO, Inc. announces a new family of affordable LTE connectivity devices purpose-designed for industrial Machine-To-Machine applications.

LT1000 series devices enable reliable data access - anywhere, anytime.

  • High-performance wireless wide area connectivity
  • Ultra-flexible platform provides built-in I/Os
  • USB port offers maximum flexibility
  • Reliable, heavy-duty and shock-resistant design

Connected IO provides solutions for the following applications:

Power Automation

  • Substation Communication System
  • Distribution Automation Communication Network
  • SCADA System for Wind Turbines
  • LTE Solution for Monitoring of On-roof Solar Panels
  • Automatic Power Meter Reading


  • Transmitting Multiple Types of Data in Highway Tunnels
  • High-definition Video for Urban Traffic Electric Police System
  • Rail Transit ISCS (Integrated Supervisory Control System) Solution
  • Networking Solution for Rail Transit AFC System

Factory Automation

  • IP Video Surveillance in Factories

Financial Services Terminal

  • Secured Cellular Solution for Vending Machine Networking
  • Secured & Flexible Cellular Solution for ATM/POS Networking
  • Cellular Backup Solutions for Outlets/Branches

Water, Oil & Gas

  • Long Distance Data Transmission in Water Treatment Industry
  • Communication of Multiple Monitoring Data for Oil Field SCADA System
  • City Water Pipeline System - Remote Meter reading

Large Machine Maintenance

  • 3G/LTE Cellular for Dispersed Air-conditioners

Building Automation & Security

  • LTE Solution for Remote Elevator Monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor IP Video Surveillance

Digital Signage

  • Networking for Digital Advertisement Terminals