Vending Machines


Providing LTE connectivity for vending machine poses a unique set of challenges.

Vast majority of vending machines have metal enclosures that would absorb or at least severely degrade wireless signal, if the LTE modem is placed inside the machine. Placing the modem outside potentially exposes it to harsh environmental conditions and makes it vulnerable to attacks. With a wide range of vending machine types and installation locations, it is important for customers to have the ability to create custom connectivity solutions for their specific needs.

Connected IO's Machine Connect modems combine sturdy design with flexible deployment options. 

Connected IO's Machine Connect modems were custom designed for light industrial applications, and offer metal casing that can be mounted on any surface, horizontal or vertical using three mounting screws. Metal casing provides an efficient way to dissipate the heat and allows Machine Connect modems to seamlessly operate inside the vending machines. SMA connectors enable the installers to connect external antennas with or without cables to achieve maximum LTE performance and data throughput. Connected IO offers several antenna options for various types of installations ranging from screw-on dipole antennas for outside installations to MIMO antennas with pigtails for installation where modem is placed inside the host machine but antennas are routed outside. 

Connected IO's Machine Connect modems are the most cost-effective LTE connectivity solution on the market. 

With prices starting at $149.99, Connected IO's Machine Connect modems are ideally suited for deployments where other existing solutions are cost-prohibitive.