Embedded Cellular Solutions

  1. While other companies such as Cradlepoint provide cellular hardware, ConnectedIO provides superior and affordable cellular modems and routers for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications for the internet of things (IoT). Connected IO is well known for working with all global carriers with state of the art embedded product engineering, software development, and industrial design services for cloud-based M2M communications for global companies who require the latest technological breakthroughs.

    The Challenge. 

    Managing remote locations, minimizing downtime, and providing secure cloud storage and monitoring.

    The Solution. 

    As one of the few product and engineering services companies specializing in specific vertical areas of IoT, we deliver unmatched business value to our customers through a combination of process excellence, reusable frameworks, and technology innovation for cellular routers and modems.

    Working with the world’s largest carriers, including ATT, Verizon, Telefonica, Vodafone, Telstra, Telus, Bell Canada, KPN, Telnor, Etisalat, and Vimplecom, as well as working with distributors and resellers, Connected IO provides solutions for embedded product engineering, software development, industrial design services, communications and networking, consumer electronics, M2M, home automation, energy management software, networking, and cloud infrastructure.